CS2 Webradar

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With our CS2 Webradar you now have the possibility to share your game experience with your team members and friends. The web radar for Counter-Strike 2 is ideal for getting the information you need to gain an advantage without attracting attention. How does it work? It's very simple! Simply activate the web radar feature in the cheat and you will receive a link that you can share with your friends or team members. We are currently the only CS2 cheat provider with this radar.

CS2 Webradar

Undetected since release

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CS2 Webradar

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Why using our Webradar?

Undetected Webradar for Counter-Strike 2

Of course, the most important thing for us was that the radar was safe and undetected. If you share the link with your friends, you can also be sure that your friends' accounts are safe and they can enjoy a free undetected wallhack. As with other features in our Counter-Strike 2 cheat, we have used the same technology to ensure the highest level of security. We only read the game memory and do not manipulate it. In addition, our cheats for CS2 use a driver for loading.

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Share the Webradar with your friends

If you play with your friends, you can of course share the link with them so that they can also enjoy a "wallhack". It is impossible for them to be banned. You will really be doing your friends or teammates a favor. Our web radar is also safe for those who have the cheat. In our CS2 cheat technology we only read the memory of the game. We do not manipulate any data but only read it. And this is exactly what makes our CS2 cheats the safest on the market!

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Undetected since release